About Risley

Welcome to Risley International Academy of Innovation

Home of the Bears!!!!

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop globally-minded, life-long learners who are reflective, compassionate, and responsible citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to collaboratively respond to the individual, academic, and social needs of our students. We are committed to providing an engaging and rigorous curriculum that empowers students to achieve personal, educational, and career aspirations as members of an intercultural community.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that:
  • We are responsible for building and maintaining a high performing organization that ensures all students will successfully acquire the knowledge, skills and values necessary for success.
  • Our administration and teachers make the critical difference in student achievement.
  • Engaging the student's family and the community in the education process enhances learning and academic achievement.
  • We have a moral imperative to provide students with the opportunity to perform to their fullest potential and to ensure there is no discernible difference between the achievement levels of students by race, gender or economic level.
  • Adults have a professional responsibility to make positive, consistent connections with students.
  • Best decisions for managing student behavior are based on a value system that maintains the dignity of each student in all situations.