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Notification of Drug-sniffing Dog Searches at Risley International Academy of Innovation

posted Apr 4, 2016, 3:29 PM by Amy Maldonado
In an effort to continually improve student safety and maintain focus on achievement, 
the School District will start deploying random and unannounced drug sniffing dog searches of the school due to increased concerns about the unauthorized possession and use of drugs in our school.  

The following information outlines how and where the searches will take place:

 1. School personnel will conduct all searches.

 2. A school administrator will accompany the drug-sniffing dog and police officer at all times.  If a dog makes a positive indication for drugs, a school administrator will be in charge of leading both the investigation and the search of the student, following district policies.

 3. The locations that will be subject to search may include: parking lots, lockers, classrooms, and any other space on district property.

 4. Students will not be searched by the dogs.  If the dogs enter the classroom, students will be asked to stand in one area of the classroom while the dogs sniff back packs and the remainder of the classroom.

 5. Any student, who is found with illegal drugs, will be disciplined according to district policies.  Parents also will be notified of the finding and discipline.  Administrators will be discrete and will escort any suspected student to the office to conduct any searches of personal effects.

 6. The administration will choose the school locations where the dogs will search. Searches will be random, unannounced and different areas will be searched each time the dogs are used at the schools.

Please contact our main office at 549-7440 if you have any questions or concerns.