Class to Class Tardy Policy

Risley International Academy of Innovation  

 UPDATED Class to Class Tardy Policy 


Students who arrive to class tardy cause unacceptable disruptions and loss of valuable teaching/learning time.  It is a teacher’s responsibility to preserve the teaching/learning time by adhering to school policy on beginning class on time.  It is a student’s responsibility to get to class within the allotted passing time. 

The UPDATED Class to Class Tardy Policy of Risley International Academy of Innovation has been developed to accomplish the following goals:

  1. To make sure students are in class and ready to learn when the tardy bell rings
  2. To establish a consistent tardy policy
  3. To keep parents informed of students’ tardiness
  4. To gain parent support for controlling tardy problems
  5. To reduce student tardies
  6. To reduce disruptions to classes caused by tardy students

Bells ring at the beginning and end of each period.  Students have three minutes to change classes.  Students may only get into their lockers before roll room, during lunch period (before and after) and after school.  A student will be considered tardy when he/she is not in the classroom or assigned instructional area when the tardy bell rings. 

An unexcused tardy occurs when a student enters the classroom (without a note excusing his or her tardiness) after the tardy bell rings.  An excused/exempt tardy must be accompanied by a note from the main office, the Counseling Office, an administrator, or a teacher.  Tardies are cumulative over each quarter. 

NOTE:  Students are not to be in halls after class begins for the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class, and may only leave the classroom with an official pass (planner signed by teacher) in between this time frame. 


Excessive Tardies: Consequences

      1st - 3rd  Unexcused Tardy – Tardy slip; Reminder of tardy policy (from the hall monitor               who writes the tardy slip)

      4th Unexcused Tardy – Tardy slip;  1 day of detention and inform of future consequences.

      5th Unexcused Tardy – Tardy slip;  2 days of detention Phone call home and inform                         of future  consequences.

      6th Unexcused Tardy – Tardy slip; 1 day of after-school community service Phone call               home and inform of future consequences.

      7 or more Unexcused Tardies – Tardy slip; referral to administrator for possible loss of              locker privileges,  delayed passingbeing escorting to class  and/or in school exclusion         (ISE).