Principal’s Message

Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Dawn Johnson - Principal

Risley International Academy of Innovation

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope you enjoyed a summer vacation filled with fun and exciting memories with your loved ones. We are thrilled to welcome all of you back to a new school year full of learning and growing!

Personally, I am grateful and elated to continue this journey with you as your Principal. Over the past two years, I have had a chance to meet many of you and your children, and look forward to continue building a strong relationship with all of you in the upcoming year. As we enter this new school year, you will notice our theme is "Always shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you will land in the stars!"  Put simply, I want our staff and students to set their goals at a high level and work toward reaching that goal.  When you are focused on the best, read about the best, think about the best, eventually you begin to expect the best in your own choices. Even if it is entirely subconscious, there’s something that will click internally and begin to move you towards excellence. Success for you is dependent on your capacity to believe in yourself. By challenging ourselves to reach a higher goal, we often achieve beyond even our own expectations! 

  As a staff, we have worked to strengthen our focus on providing a safe, engaging learning environment focused on providing your student with the skills they need to succeed in their academic journey.  Many staff members will also be engaging in conversations around having a growth mindset, both for themselves and all students. We believe that every person in this building should always be growing and learning. Despite obstacles that may arise, we must always believe in our ability to rise above challenges and come out stronger on the other end.

To our students: I ask that you reflect on your goals and strive to do your best every day.  Know that your administrators, teachers, and support staff are here to support and encourage you as you explore different opportunities and grow as learners.  With these opportunities, come a personal and collective responsibility to be supportive of one another and our school.  I will count on you to treat all members of our community with a caring heart and respectful mind.  This is "The Risley Way".  Teachers, parents, students, and staff accomplish the most when we work together for student achievement.

To our parents and community: It is essential that you take an active role in our students' success.  One of the most powerful ways you can support our work is to make sure your student attends school every day, unless they are ill.  As a district, we are focused on increasing student attendance because at the heart of all our work, we can't teach students who aren't at school.  At Risley International Academy, we cherish every moment with our students, but we know that this can be a challenge in middle school. Please reach out to our counselors and our community advocate if you need support or guidance with your student's attendance.  We wouldn't want them to miss out on any of the exciting experiences we have planned for this year!

Again, Welcome to Risley International Academy!  I look forward to a wonderful year with you all!


Dawn Johnson, Principal

(719) 549-7442