Risley International Academy Student Handbook

Risley International Academy of Innovation



Student attendance is monitored daily by secretaries, counselor, advocates, and administrators.  All are responsible for phone calls home, home visits, and conferences.  Advocates and administrators attend truancy court with our families on a weekly basis, if necessary.  Twenty-first Century tutoring is available for students to recover and/or enrich content material due to absences or academic support. Classes are offered as followed: M-Th from 3:50 to 5:50; Fridays from 1:15 to 3:15 pm.  Students are recognized for perfect attendance quarterly.

·        School hours are as follows:

·        Mon.-Thurs. – 8:00 to 3:45

·        Friday – 8:00-1:10

Absences:  Risley International Academy's staff feels it is extremely important for students to have regular attendance. Attendance directly affects student achievement. The following are acceptable absences, and will be considered excused:

     Illness (Doctor’s note required if absent 3 or more consecutive days)

     Death in the family

     Compliance with established religious holidays

As soon as it is evident that a student will be missing school, a call to the attendance secretary should be made by 9:00 a.m. (549-7440 - attendance secretary, 549-7441- main office). All phones have voice mail, so messages can be left at ANY time.  If a call to the attendance office has not been made concerning an absence, a note must be presented to the attendance secretary the day the student returns to school. If neither a note nor call is made to the office, the absence will be recorded as “unexcused.”  In addition, multiple unexcused absences may result in a referral to Truancy Court. Other absences-If a student is to be absent for reasons other than those listed above, parents need to discuss the situation beforehand with the assistant principal to determine whether or not the absence can be considered excused. Classroom assignments must be completed upon the student’s return from any prior approved absence.

Tardies Students who arrive at school after 8:05 a.m. need to report to the tardy table to get a tardy slip.  Students who are tardy will have an excused tardy for the following reasons only: Doctor, Dental, Orthodontic appointments/with a note from the Dr.’s office, or attending a funeral. All other reasons for tardies will be recorded as unexcused. Getting up late, parent running late, waiting for a ride, etc. are not excused tardies!

Tardies to classes throughout the day — If a student is detained by a teacher or the office, the student will need to ask for a written pass to his/her next class. The teacher will record tardies to classes during the school day.

Class to Class Tardy Policy (effective 2/29/16)


Bicycles are permitted at Risley with the following conditions:

            1.  Bicycles must be locked in the bike rack through the day.

            2.  Students are not allowed to ride bikes on the walkways at any time.

            3.  The school assumes no liability for loss or damage of bikes.

            4.  The riding of a skateboard is not allowed on school property

      5.  Other recreational items must be carried by students while on school property and remain locked in

           student lockers during the day.


The School District #60 Behavior Code Book precedes the Student Handbook.


The School District publishes a Student Code of Conduct each year.  At the beginning of the school year, the roll room Teachers will review the Code with the students.  It is necessary for the students and parents to be knowledgeable of School Board expectations for student behavior.  After the roll room review, the student will sign for the Code and take it home for parent review. 


 Misbehavior should be stopped by the student’s teacher who encounters the misbehavior.  Teachers will keep a record of offenses and discipline actions.  The teacher may want to discuss the misbehavior with parents, administrators, and/or support personnel.

Administrator Intervention

More serious misbehavior will be referred to an administrator-usually the assistant principal.  The disciplinary action will depend on the infraction, previous actions, and the seriousness of the misbehavior.

One or more of the following violations will result in disciplinary action. Consideration will be made for the situation and degree of infraction. Disciplinary options will include a talk with the student, a letter or telephone call to parents, parent conference/meeting, an Office Referral, referral to the an outside agency, detention before school, at lunch, or after school, community service, suspension (in school, out of school, or alternative) or other appropriate consequences. Disciplinary records are kept on file.

Type I Behavior definition—Certain student misconduct is so serious that it normally will result in a suspension by the principal for up to 10 school days and could result in an expulsion recommendation.   Type 1 behavior includes conduct which violates the following standards:

·        Disruption of School

·        Damage to school property/personal property

·        Theft of school property, personal property and possession of stolen property.

·        Threats, assault and/or battery

·        Weapons and dangerous instruments

·        Narcotics, marijuana, alcoholic beverages, and stimulant drugs

·        Bomb threats/false alarms

·        Sexual misconduct

·        Repeated School violations

·        Other misconduct

 Type II Behavior definition—that behavior which is disorderly or otherwise unacceptable but does not violate the Type I standards set out by these regulations.  Students who engage in Type II behavior will normally not receive superintendent’s suspension or expulsion but will be disciplined appropriately by the principal or other school official.  In cases where repeated Type II behavior by a student causes substantial problems for the school, the misconduct will become Type I behavior and the principal will issue a principal/assistant principal suspension and refer the matter to the Director of Student Intervention Services.   Examples of Type II behavior include the following:

·        Cheating

·        Fighting

·        Minor Theft (less than $400.00)

·        Forgery without financial gain

·        Littering

·        Profanity

·        Insubordination

·        Smoking

·        Refusal to identify self to school officials

·        Verbal Abuse

·        Refusal to comply with staff direction

·        Class disruption

·        Lack of class participation

·        Any other inappropriate behavior as defined by local school official                       

 A “Contract of Agreement” is required upon returning from school at the end of any serious suspension.  In the best interest of the student, the principal, counselor, and other involved staff members will conduct a conference with the student and parent/guardian to develop and enumerate intervention strategies to help the student through available specialized resources.  The student will not be readmitted until the parent/guardian and student sign a “Contract Agreement”.








  1.  Do not play games that may cause physical injury.  This includes tackle football

       and wrestling.

  2.  Students are to stay in the designated play area.  Students are not allowed on the           front or sides of the building or on the fenced fields.  Keep hands and feet to                      yourself.

            3.   Do not throw snowballs, or other objects that may cause injury.

            4.   Personnel on duty in the area will be the judges of appropriate behavior.

            5.   Respect for all adults on duty.


1.  Move quickly and quietly to your next class and stay to the right. (no                             congregating).

2.   Walk, don’t run.

3.   A written hall pass is required of all students leaving the classroom during a regular             class.  There will be no exceptions.

4.   Students need a hall pass to see the counselor, or go to the office, Wellness Center,         Media Center and to see the Principal, or the Assistant       Principal.

5.   The stairway by the first floor boys’ restroom will be designated for down traffic. The         stairway by the first floor girl’s restroom will be designated for up traffic.  The stairway in      the 6th grade hall, are to be used by the 6th grade only.

6.  Walk up and down the stairs one step at time.  Do not stop on stairs or landing.

POLICE INVOLVEMENT   Officer Jason Smith

A full time School Resource Officer (SRO) is assigned to Risley. Officer Smith supports administration by monitoring significant behavior infractions and issuing tickets if needed.  What is against the law outside the school is also against the law within the school.  We feel that everyone should be protected from graffiti, harassment, intimidation, profanity, and violence.  Although an attempt will be made to contact parents when their children become involved with the police, parents do not have to be present for police to file municipal charges against a student.  Examples of offenses where the police may be called are as follows:

            1.  Significant physical altercations between students (fighting).

            2.  Profanity directed toward a staff member or another student.

            3.  Possession of illegal drugs or alcohol.

            4.  Harassment or intimidation of other students.

            5.  Disorderly conduct which creates a substantial disruption    

      6.      Possession of a weapon.

 Discipline Program:

Risley has implemented the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Program.   It is a school-wide discipline process that utilizes interventions to support appropriate behaviors, reinforce positive behaviors, and correct misbehaviors.  The faculty, students, and community diligently work together to provide a safe and positive learning environment for everyone.  Students are taught every quarter how to behave appropriately using the acronym P.R.I.D.E. (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence) in several areas throughout the school.   We expect our students to behave appropriately and reward positive behaviors with incentives such as Bear Bucks, Shout Outs, Spirit Fridays and school dances.

Parent Communication/Student Planners

Students are provided at no charge a student planner and are required to have this every day for each class.  The planner is a way for teachers, students, and guardians to communicate about homework assignments, concerns and positive messages. The planner is also utilized as a hall pass during class. Students are required to have the teacher sign the hall pass portion of the planner before allowed to walk the hallways during class. Should the planner be lost, a replacement is required at a cost of $2.00. Planners may be purchased in the office.

 Pueblo City School’s Student Dress Policy

 See:  Student Conduct and Discipline Code – Student Dress – File JICA Pg. 26

When student dress or hair distracts teachers and students from the instructional and educational process, or poses a threat to the health, safety and welfare of other students or any other person, the unnecessary attention becomes a disruption subject to this dress policy.

One step toward creating a safer, more peaceful campus is to enforce behavior and dress codes consistently and fairly. Most importantly, this policy offers students and parents the opportunity to keep school attire simple and inexpensive.  Students should take personal and social pride in keeping their school free from disruptive disorder.  Student shall display a cooperative and respectful attitude toward other students and teachers at all times and shall meet the expectation guidelines for school attire. 

 Risley International Academy School of Innovation Uniform Dress Code

Tops:     Polos/hoodies only, in Red, Black, White (school colors)

              (under-shirts, if worn, must be school colors with no visible writing )

  • If hoodies are worn, polo shirts MUST be worn underneath at all times.

    Bottoms: Khaki or black colored Pants, shorts, skorts, or skirts are allowed.

  • No oversized clothing—dress for success
  • No jean or stretch materials will be permitted
  • No sweats or jogging suit pants allowed
  • Absolutely NO athletic shorts of any kind
  • The color blue is not allowed for any reason (gang related)


Students will not be permitted to use cell phones or any electronic devise such as IPod, MP3, hand-held games, etc. throughout the school day. Cell phones must be turned off at all times during the school day and must not be heard or seen  If a student has a cell phone or other electronic device out or is using one, the phone/device will be confiscated and given to the Assistant Principal and will only be released to a parent.  Students are also not permitted to bring electronic items to sell or trade.  Risley Middle School and its staff members are not responsible for lost, stolen, and/or damaged items. 


All students enrolled in P.E.  will be expected to dress-out and participate.

 Student Health


The State of Colorado has an immunization requirement that affects your student.  Seventh

Grade students are required to have a second MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) immunization.  Due to the current outbreak of mumps in the Midwest, you may want to have your student immunized as soon as possible if the student has not already received 2 doses of the vaccine.  This is in addition to the following required immunization:Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (DtaP, Td, Tdap)  4 or 5 doses with a booster every 10 yrs.  Polio      3 or 4 doses Hepatitis B    3 doses

Immunizations are available from your private practitioner, School Based Wellness Centers
253-6155), the Pueblo City County Health Department (583-4300) or the Community Health Center.
  • Sixth and Seventh grade parents; please take steps now to insure your child is properly immunized.  This can be accomplished at Risley by following the above procedure.


The responsibility for dispensing medication lies with the parents or guardian. If, under exceptional circumstances, a child is required to take oral medication during school hours and the parent or legal guardian cannot be at school to administer the medication, only Wellness Center nurse or designee will administer the medication in compliance with regulations established by the district.  Medication must be in the original container with official RX label.

Written instructions signed by parents and physician shall be required and shall include:

            1.  Child’s name

            2.  Name of medication

            3.  Purpose of medication

            4.  Time the medication is to be dispensed

            5.  Dosage

            6.  Possible side effects

            7.  Termination date for dispensing the medication

            8.  Waiver of claim
Medication must be in original container with RX label 


If a child is injured at school, the teacher in charge shall fill out an accident report.  In the event that an injury occurs that a teacher is not aware of, it is the responsibility of the student to inform the supervising teacher, counselor or principal of the injury so that proper action may be taken.


The first day the student will bring home the following items to be returned the following day of school:

                        Emergency Information Card

                        Language Survey

                        Free and Reduced Lunch Form

                        Wellness Center Release Form

                        Insurance Form is available in the office

                        Signature Form from Parent and Student Handbook


Lockers are the property of the school and are subject to inspection at any time.  Lockers are assigned for the storage and protection of your belongings.  Should you ever have a problem with your locker notify your teacher, the secretary, or custodian immediately.  Please follow the rules below:

            1.  Do not share your locker or combination with other students.

            2.  Use only the lock provided to you.

                      3.  Do not write in or on your locker, fines may be imposed.


If you find articles belonging to someone else, turn it into the Main Office.  If you have lost an item ask a teacher or school secretary.  Lost and found items will be placed in a box inside the office.  Lost and found items will be disposed of at mid-year and the end of the year.


Risley is a universal free lunch school.  Applications must be completely filled out and signed by the parent or guardian.  Parents may eat breakfast for $2.00 or lunch for $3.00. Milk for both meals is an additional $. 50.  Students are expected to demonstrate good manners while eating and to converse in normal tones.  Tables and floors must be left clean.  Seats may not be saved.  Pop is not permitted in the cafetorium.  All students must go outside before lunch, weather permitting.


We have developed a schedule around our student’s needs.  Risley’s academic program is organized into grade level teams.  Each student is scheduled to meet her/his achievement needs.  All students receive instruction in language arts, reading, math, social studies, science, and physical education. Students will also participate in our electives, which include offerings in music, technology, and art. 


Risley is a closed campus.  Students are not allowed to leave the building for any reason without clearance through the office.

Safeway and St. Leanders have requested that students not loiter on their property.


Risley has a variety of clubs and organizations available to students.  Students are encouraged to join an organization and become involved in the school programs.

Yearbook – Students help design and create the yearbook

Basketball and Wrestling – Winter Sport

Girls Softball – Fall Sport

Track – Spring Sport

Student Council/ Risley PRIDE

National Academic League

Fellowship of Christian Bears

Art Club


Math Counts

Destination Imagination

Science Club and Science Fair

Marching Band

Football (offered through the Pueblo Parks and Recreation Department and is not part of Risley) 

                    Soccer – Pueblo Rangers

                     Volleyball – Pueblo YMCA

                     Cross Country – Fall Sport


If you are interested in volunteering your time, please call Mrs. Macaluso at 549-7441 for information on how you can get involved.  Join our Site-Base Accountability Committee, Parent-Teacher Organization and Positive Behavior Support Team (PBS).


Teachers will issue textbooks for you to use during the school year.  It is important that you take good care of these books since you are responsible for them and will be expected to pay for any damaged or lost books.  Be sure that your name and room number is written inside the cover.  Loss of a textbook will cost you approximately $50.00 per book.  Once a book is checked out to a student, it becomes their responsibility.  Do not share your lockers.


·        In the morning, students will board their assigned bus only at the proper loading stop and get off only at Risley International Academy. In the afternoon, students will board their assigned bus only at Risley International Academy and get off only at their proper bus stop.

·        If students need to ride home on a bus with a friend, a note from the parents of the student needing the ride needs to be presented to the assistant principal to be approved and signed. The note needs to be presented to the AP first thing in the morning. If the note is presented too late in the day, there is a chance that the request may not be granted if an administrator is not available.

·        When a bus is late, or if a student misses a bus, telephone calls to home from the office telephone will be permitted.  All school conduct rules apply to students while riding the bus, and waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

**Bus privileges may be suspended for violations of the rules!


Large amount of money or valuable items should remain at home.  If it is necessary to bring valuables or money, please have your child check them into the office for safekeeping.

IT IS WISE TO LABEL ALL PERSONAL ITEMS. Risley is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.



Parent conferences are scheduled at a time when you and the teacher can share information regarding your student’s progress in school.  Please call 549-7440 to schedule a time to meet with a teacher or the grade level team.


If you are experiencing problems, please call any one of the following people to help you.

                1.  Staff problems – Mrs. Macaluso – 549-7441

       2.  Student behavior and attendance, Mrs. Hausman, Assistant Principal, 549-7880

                3.  Bus concerns - 549 -7216

                4.  Broken Locker – Custodian, – 549-4778

                5.  Missing lock or lock exchange –Security Officer- Tony Gonzales – 549-7441

  6. Fines and fees – Contact the teacher responsible, then see the School Secretary, Mrs.             Sandoval  549 -7441

                7.  Attendance – Attendance Secretary – 549-7440

                8.  Teachers – call 549-7440  and leave a message. 

                9.  Law Enforcement-Officer Smith


Risley’s School Counseling Program is developmental by design, focusing on needs, interest, and issues related to the various stages of students’ growth.  There are standards, objectives, activities, special services, and expected outcomes with an emphasis on helping students to learn more effectively and efficiently.  There is a commitment to individual uniqueness and the maximum development of human potential.

School Counseling Program centers around three interrelated areas:

                        Academic Development

                        Career Development

                        Personal/Social Development

Risley’s Counseling Center has an open-door policy.  Students and parents are encouraged to contact their counselor on a regular basis.

 Counselor:  Ms. Michelle Montoya,  549-7446


Maintaining a safe school environment is everyone’s responsibility.  Students are encouraged to report any situation that may appear to be a safety issue.  Information should be reported to Mrs. Macaluso, Mrs. Hausman, the Counselor, the School Resource Officer, Security Officer, the secretaries, or any other faculty member.  Safety is a high priority and students may file reports at any time during the school day.



Fire drills are held to prepare students and teachers to leave the building as quickly as possible should any emergency arise.  The code for fire alarm is a bell and flashing lights that can be heard throughout the building.  The “all clear” will be announced over the intercom.

            1.  Teachers will guide their students out of the building.

            2.   Students will proceed in and out of the building in an orderly manner.

            3.       Students must remain quiet and stay with their class, a safe distance from the school.


            1.  Listen for the emergency signal and special instructions.

   2.  Follow your teacher and report to your assigned area (hallway without windows and interior            rooms) .

            3.  Students should face inside walls of the shelter as far away from outside wall

            4.  Students are to assume a protective position: drop elbows and knees and make

                as small a target as possible, cover the back of your neck and head with your

                hands, a large book or a cushion.

             5.  If time does not allow movement to shelter, students are to assume a protective

     position under their desks or heavy furniture.

   6.  DO NOT leave shelter until  the “ALL CLEAR” is sounded.


In case of a bomb threat, a decision will be made to evacuate to St. Leander’s parking lot or to the southeast corner of the football field.  Students and faculty are asked to report suspicious objects. but not to move, jar, or touch the object or anything attached to it.  First floor will evacuate to the southwest corner of the football field.  Second floor will go to Safeway’s parking lot.  A search of the building will be conducted.


An evacuation map is provided for students in each classroom.  Teachers, review the escape routes for each class.  It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of procedures and to cooperate with the faculty.


In the event of inclement weather, school may be closed occasionally.  Under severe weather conditions a school messenger notice will be sent out to all Risley student phone numbers on file. Otherwise, please listen to the local radio stations for school closing, or check the District 60 website, www.pueblocityschools.us


In the event of an emergency when an outside individual or individuals pose a serious threat to Risley students or staff a “Lock Down” plan will go into effect.  Students will remain in their classrooms – until an announcement is made by administration.

                                    Community Resources


Risley is a community school dedicated to serving the community.  Please take advantage of the many services we offer.


The Library Media Center is open every school day during regular school hours for book check out.  Parents and guardians are always welcome and encouraged to visit our library.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our librarian, Mrs. Karen Olson at 549-7449.

Through September 30, 2014 Risley will be a Pueblo City County Library District (PCCLD) Satellite.  PCCLD patrons can check out and return books from the library with a PCCLD library card.  Hours of operation are:  Monday & Tuesday 9:00 am to 4:15 pm; Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:00 am to 7:00 pm; Fridays 9:00 am to 2:15 pm; Closed Weekends and all School Holidays.  All patrons must sign in with the main office upon arrival.  Please call 549-7921 or 549-7449 for more information.



            The Wellness Center is located on the second floor.

            Phone 549-7915

  BOYS & GIRLS CLUB – After school program

Call their Office at 544-2960 for more information