Dress Code 2019-20

 Pueblo City School’s Student Dress Policy

 See:  Student Conduct and Discipline Code – Student Dress – File JICA Pg. 26

When student dress or hair distracts teachers and students from the instructional and educational process, or poses a threat to the health, safety and welfare of other students or any other person, the unnecessary attention becomes a disruption subject to this dress policy.

One step toward creating a safer, more peaceful campus is to enforce behavior and dress codes consistently and fairly. Most importantly, this policy offers students and parents the opportunity to keep school attire simple and inexpensive.  Students should take personal and social pride in keeping their school free from disruptive disorder.  Students shall display a cooperative and respectful attitude toward other students and teachers at all times and shall meet the expectation guidelines for school attire. The following is Risley International’s dress code policy:


Polo Shirts – Short sleeve red, black or white are the only colors that will be accepted, and may be embroidered with the official Risley logo or be free of all other logos.  The shirts cannot be oversized or undersized and may not be longer than the top of the legs. Red, black or white undershirts ONLY may be worn under the polo.  Undershirts must be solid in color – no designs, no writing, and they must not show below the polo.  Shirts may not be tied in back or altered in any way.


School Spirit T-Shirts:  Risley authorized spirit shirts to represent sports, clubs, or other school supported activities.  These shirts may now be worn in the place of a polo Monday -Thursday.


HoodiesSolid color red, black, or white are the only colors that will be accepted.   Plain, solid hoodies can have the Risley logo, but small logos will be allowed (Nike, Adidas, American Eagle, etc.).  The hoodie may be a pullover or front zipper. The hoodies cannot be oversized and may not be longer that the top of the legs.  Students must wear the approved polo or spirit shirt (see above guidelines) under their hoodies at all times.

Pants/Shorts/Skirts/Capris – Khaki and black solid-colored are the only bottom garments that are accepted. All bottoms must be free from decals, holes/tears, chains, writing or any other decorations.  Shorts and skirts cannot be shorter than the top of the knee when standing. No blue jeans or athletic shorts will be accepted.  No pajama bottoms or yoga pants allowed.  No sagging is allowed (bottoms lower than the hips) or dragging on the floor.

Accessories – Belts, if worn, should be solid color and logo/picture free.  Initial buckles, logo/picture buckles, belt tails longer than 4 inches from belt loop, chains from loop/pockets or spiked are NOT acceptable.  Shoes may not be royal blue or have royal blue shoelaces.  Slippers, glides, or flip flops are NOT acceptable. All accessories must be free of saying, symbols, or graphics.

Keep in mind the following expectations in addition to the above:

  • Student Athletes and Risley competitive academic teams may wear their uniform top on Game Days only.  An undershirt must be worn under the uniform.   If there is a game or competition on Saturday, the athlete may wear the uniform top on Friday.  

  • Royal blue is not a school color and is not allowed this includes, but is not limited to: shirts, undershirts, hoodies, shoes, shoelaces, nail polish, etc.

  • Bands worn on wrists, bracelets, or necklaces may not have inappropriate sayings, symbols, etc.